Team • PyTobians

Python Predictions is a team with a healthy mix of business and technical oriented data profiles. Our passion for data science and our shared values are what connects us and why we enjoy working together for our clients. Since January 2020, Python Predictions is part of the Tobania group, the leading Belgian Business & Technology Consulting company. We are happy to introduce you to our team, our PyTobians.

Wouter Buckinx

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Since 2006, Wouter Buckinx is co-founder and managing partner at Python Predictions. Wouter is a master in applied economics, an advanced master in marketing analysis, and concluded his PhD in the domain of predicting individual customer behavior at Ghent University in 2005. He is clearly customer oriented, and an expert in delivering tailor-made, robust solutions.

Geert Verstraeten

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Since 2006, Geert Verstraeten is co-founder and managing partner at Python Predictions. He is a master in applied economics, an advanced master in marketing analysis, and concluded his PhD in predictive analytics in 2005. At Python Predictions, Geert focuses on general management, project management and training. His ambition is to coach data scientists and their managers to become successful with data science and prediction.

Jan Muermans

Senior Analytics Consultant

Jan is senior analytics consultant at Python Predictions. Jan joined our team in August 2015 after starting his career in FMCG, where he obtained strong business understanding. At Python Predictions, he built modern data science and analytical project management skills throughout projects in a wide range of industries. Today, Jan mainly works as project manager, data science team lead or analytics translator. He has a solid track record for making sure his projects create real value.

Klaas Van den Heede

Data Scientist

Klaas joined Python Predictions in 2016 and combines a master in bio-engineering with an advanced master in economics. After working abroad in the non-profit sector, he has built experience in advanced analytics and predictive modeling for several years within the financial sector and in fundraising.

At Python Predictions, he mainly works on projects in the telecommunications industry.

Adrien Houdart

Data Scientist

Adrien joined Python Predictions as a data scientist in June 2017. He acquired a master of Management science at Solvay Brussels School and a master of Actuarial science at University of Brussels. Adrien started his career as an actuarial consultant, developing skills in financial modeling and forecasting techniques.

At Python Predictions, Adrien is mainly working on data science projects in the banking and insurance sector.

Elien Catthoor

Talent Manager

Elien joined Python Predictions as a Talent Manager in July 2017. She holds a master’s degree in educational science from Ghent University, and gained five years of experience in human resource management before joining.

At Python Predictions, Elien’s main responsibilities are retention of talent and recruitment of new team members. Besides this, Elien is also in charge of general office management.

Anthony Coppens

Data Scientist

Anthony joined Python Predictions as a Data Scientist in August 2017. He holds a Master in Electromechanical Engineering and obtained an additional Master in General Management.

At Python Predictions, he has experience in building segmentations, predictive modelling, social network analysis, process mining and forecasting projects.

Jan Beníšek

Data Scientist

Jan joined Python Predictions as a Data Scientist in October 2017. Jan holds a Masters degree in Statistics from KULeuven.

Before joining Python Predictions, Jan has gained several years of experience in banking and in a consumer protection organization, where he was working as a Data Scientist on projects involving Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Matthias Roels

Data Scientist

Matthias joined Python Predictions in October 2018. He holds a master’s degree in physics and a PhD in mathematics.

Before Python Predictions, Matthias was active as a Data scientist for a startup company specialised in Recommender Systems.

At Python Predictions, he has gained experience in segmentation analysis, predictive analytics & process mining.

Jennifer Roelens

Data Scientist

Jennifer joined Python Predictions as a Data Scientist in January 2019. She has a background in machine learning and predictive modelling techniques for analysing large spatial data sets.

During her time at Python Predictions, Jennifer has gained experience in customer segmentation, prediction, predictive maintenance and fraud detection.

Benoît Vandekerkhove

Data Scientist

Benoît joined Python Predictions as a Data Scientist in February 2019. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics specialized in Statistical Engineering from the University of Nantes, France.

Since he started at Python Predictions, Benoît developed skills in data analysis, segmentation, recommendations and predictive modelling. He has been working for clients in a wide range of industries such as retail, energy, banking and HR.

Nick Janssens

Data Scientist

Nick joined Python Predictions as Data Scientist in January 2020. After obtaining a master of science in Geology at KU Leuven he performed PhD research in which he has used neural networks to improve the resolution of 3D images, with as goal to better predict CO2 storage in geological reservoirs and water content in building materials. During this research he had ever-growing interests in predictive data analytics.